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EDITORIAL: Lipoa Point: The political point and invitation

Politicians from the County and State descended on the headquarters of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) on Lower Main Street in Wailuku to solidify the $19.5 million acquisition of Lipoa Point by the State of Hawaii. It was even proclaimed to be ‘Lipoa Point’ day. A momentous victory as the efforts started by the Save Honolua Coalition about …

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EDITORIAL: Superferry frustration: Can this boat float?

Is the Return of the Superferry possible? Will the Protesters Strike Back? Two mariner unions organized a town hall meeting yesterday on Oahu to explore just that, THE RETURN. The conference was for both pro and con ferry, and an attempt to hear all sides of the debate and why. The idea got back on everyone’s radar screens months ago …

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Editorial: Your Vote Matters

Saturday August 9th is primary election day in Hawaii and the reason to vote cannot be overstated. One person one vote says a lot. Casting a vote puts every single one of our voices on equal footing and casting a ballot is the single most effective way to make your voice be heard. By not voting, you giveaway your voice …

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