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Landsberg on the Law


(or, a love-letter to a childhood observatory) First and foremost, I think telescopes are awesome. More than telescopes, I love observatories. And I love planetariums. I have a child with whom, someday, I would love to share the wonders of the Universe. I’m exactly who the TMT is being built for. When I imagine giant telescopes, I can only think …

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GMO & You: A MAUIWATCH LEGAL GUIDE to the GMO Initiative

GMOs. Talk about a loaded issue. Maui is facing a historic vote on the Voter Initiative: Genetically Engineered Organisms. There’s been arguments for and questions about this initiative on all sides. Some are true, some are misleading, and some are patently false. While I have my own (strong) opinions on whether GMOs should be allowed in our biosphere or our …

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Price gouging and Hurricane Iselle

What’s going on right now with price gouging in the state of Hawaii is a crime. No really. It’s a crime. Price gouging is unconscionable in the face of natural disasters such as Hurricane Iselle. We all understand mark-ups and the capitalist system, but not everyone has a cellar where we can place pallets of bottled water. In a state …

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Can you get a DUI on a bicycle?

Can you get cited for Driving Under the Influence while on a bicycle? Absolutely not. If your bicycle has a motor, you are on a moped, and the answer is YES, you can get a DUI on a moped, on a bicycle? Absolutely not. It shocks me how many people think that you can get a DUI on a bicycle. …

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