Filipino Fast Food Chain Jollibee to Open at Maui Marketplace

Construction begins for the new Jollibee at the Maui Marketplace, Kahului

For months, people both on and off social media have been stoking rumors of the infamous Filipino fast food chain Jollibee opening on Maui. Known for its sweet spaghetti and buckets of ChickenJoy fried chicken the Kahului location is now confirmed.  Signs around the construction site end the long and drawn out speculation of its new location at the Maui Marketplace.

Initial speculation was that the fast food chain would pop-up near the brand new Kahului Safeway off of Ho’okele Street. The colors seemed to match. Then when Burger King closed its doors at Maui Marketplace a few months ago, that seemed like the most likely spot. But it’s NOT! It’s the former Bank of Hawai`i location below the old Lowe’s.

Opening dates for the Maui location are yet to be announced, but if anyone knows how serious Filipinos LOVE the brand, lines should be expected. Sources within the organization tell MAUIWatch that they are tentatively looking “at Q4 of this year.”



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