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Letter: County needs to seriously consider banning ALL fireworks

The County of Maui needs to seriously consider banning ALL fireworks. A few people in my area have continually broken the law year after year by lighting off loud blasting and airborne fireworks starting around Halloween and continuing through January. The laws governing firework usage are not enforceable, the police can only ticket criminals if they see them doing the crime, almost impossible given the clandestine nature of the offense happening under cover of darkness. The laws need to be changed to serve all of the community and allow the police to enforce rules that make sense. The current laws do not empower our police department to do their jobs, they encourage a few irresponsible people to terrorize their neighbors and community. My entire household is disrupted almost nightly. Animals are frightened and runway and adults and children who work and go to school are challenged to get a good nights sleep- all for the entertainment of a few selfish individuals. It’s time to change the laws and completely ban all use and sales in the County. It’s the only way to promote peace and sanity in our communities.

Jeanne Reynolds

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